Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 New Year Blog Post

I am wondering what to post for the New Year so I just have to recap the things happened to me last year or should I say few hours and/or days ago.

VBS 2011 Best Post-Blog Post of the Year

I got the 2nd place of the blogging contest.  Actually, this is just the only blogging contest I've joined for the year 2011 and the only contest that I have won.  Not bad at all because few years ago I've also been joining a lot of blogging contests but never had the chance to win even once.  Click the whole article here.

Bonding with College Girl Friends

You have met these gorgeous girls, Jacqui and Arcel, here on my blog already.  The day I received the news that I won from a contest was also the day I have to met them.  It was like a double celebration for me and shared the news with them.  I will blog about the happenings  because I have been so serious being a 'Feeling Food Blogger' LOL.  Just wait for the blog post.

Date with Adam

As what I've said, I am really serious being a 'Feeling Food Blogger' so this is an extended celebration for having won the contest.   I will blog about this too. Actually the last week of December should be our trip to Camotes Island but I canceled it because of the bad weather.  Anyway, even though it was canceled, I am still excited for the prizes.  Hehehe! 
A great way to start my year, isn't it? I don't have a New Year's Resolution, just several GOALS. ^____^

What about yours?

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