Thursday, December 10, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

15 days to go and it's already Christmas. You know what, I am not really excited because it will just happen but of course, I will help for the preparation and for some expenses.

What I am excited for is my New Year's Resolution. Mine is not the usual resolution which is to aim personal attitudes such as: punctuality, gain or lose weight, to be a good citizen, not to have a boyfriend for a year (hahaha! remember this of a friend) and any other resolutions we already heard it every year but nothing fulfilled. These kinds of resolutions only needs DISCIPLINE and SELF-MOTIVATION.

I admit, punctuality was my problem when I was in school. I never make this as a resolution because from elementary to college I was also a late comer. Hahaha! Now, I am already working. What's the sense of being always a late comer? Discipline and self-motivation was the reason. I have no money if I always come late at work. Practicality sets in.

Here's the list of my New Year's Resolution:
1. to buy a digital camera
2. having an out of town trip or vacation
3. to have fun
4. to save money so that I could afford all those things above
5. also save money for my future
6. hardworking

The #6 list, it needs discipline and self-motivation but I have goals for it and those five are the reasons.


  1. oh, don't forget to include good health


  2. oooh. hi clarence! good health is always. i think what i need is to maintain good health! let's cheer for that! hehehe! ^^



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