Tuesday, October 05, 2010

How To Change The Language Settings From Filipino To English in Google Chrome

Last Saturday, I downloaded Google Chrome to be my official browser on my net book. After it was installed I realized that the official language used in my Google Chrome is in Tagalog or the official language of the Philippines, Filipino. It doesn't mean that I don't love my own language but honestly, it was kind of annoying when the Tagalog words were popping up on my screen. Tagalog is not my first language for I speak Cebuano and it's rare for me to speak the official language.

I have no problem with Filipino but I admit I can't understand some of the words because it's really hard to comprehend specifically on computer terms. I say it's too wordy if converted to Filipino and I am too lazy to read Filipino in computer terms.

A friend of mine, Rachellyn, replied at my status and she gave me a step by step process on how to change the language settings.

-click settings (the wrench icon located right under the close button)
-choose the 'mga pagpipilian' or options
-a google chrome option window will appear ('google chrome mga pagpipilian' window)
-go to the 'sa ilalim ng hood' tab
-scroll down and look for 'nilalaman ng web'
-there you should find 'baguhin ang mga setting ng font at wika'
-a 'mga font at wika' window will appear
-go to 'mga wika' tab
-then you should be able to find 'mga setting ng mga wika at spell checker'
-select the language you want to be default for your google chrome or click 'Ingles (Estados Unidos) for English
-click 'Ipakita ang Google Chrome sa wikang ito' and close all windows of Google Chrome to RESTART.

That's it, now my problem is now solved.

Updated: 5/18/2011


  1. Hello..I'm from Pinas.
    I was able to install my google chrome with the Filipino language as default. The problem is, I am having trouble reading Filipino language. So, I would like to change it in English.

    I have followed your steps but I encountered missing tabs. I can't find "wika ng google chrome" ...
    so I can't continue..

    please help.


  2. Hi Dear,

    It's already updated. Check the steps and try again. Thanks :)

  3. HUI. Thanks for posting this.

    I decided to use google chrome for blogging kai mura nndut pa ba. ma upload jud ako mga pics d2. then, since d kau ko ksabot tagalog, wa ko kbaw unsaon. so thanks jud kau. ♥

  4. @Christin: Hehehe! no Problem. ako jud ni xa gepost ke naproblema sad ko ani sauna. Daghan jud ani nangeta unsaon. Maayo nuon it helped you. hehehe!

  5. Hi Rox!

    I just installed the new google chrome, nbuang pud q kadyot how to make it in english. Glad you shared how to do it!:) I just successfully change it now...thnks

    1. Hi XyzaK! maayo nuon this blog post helped you. :D

  6. wala lagi "mga pagpipilian" na tab? unsaon pagchange? heeeelp..

  7. why cant I change mine :o?? I followed your step do the the twist and turns but it wont just budge away X) I can't change mine even though I followed the damn step, is it a virus or something?

  8. walang mga pagpipilian button dre!!

  9. It seems that Google chrome is always changing. tsk tsk tsk



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