Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eating By Chopsticks

This is a very late post sometime in August but I just want to tell you that at last, I know how to eat Chinese foods using chopsticks.  I was with Jacqui and Arcel in Ayala Center Cebu for the Eigasai 2010 - Japanese Film Festival.  This is the first time I learned to eat using chopsticks.  The second experience was when I was with my boyfriend.

We were really hungry.  The two decided for an Asian feeling of eating and that was using chopsticks.  I was thrilled with the idea because I was really longing to experience it.

Dimsum Break's Rice Bowl

Me endorsing Coke? ^_^
Munch, munch, munch!
Smile, smile, smile!

Jacqui: 1, 2, 3... smi...
Rox: Wait! My green pea!
(I eventually took the green pea for few seconds.  Some people have trouble getting a green pea.)
the green pea
Wait for me! I'm almost done eating.
I'm done! My bowl is so clean.
They said I was too good to handle the chopsticks for a first timer.  I promise that this moment was my first time.  I did not have any trouble and I was comfortable with it.  I think my left hand is just too gifted.  Hahaha!

Have you got any trouble with your first time using chopsticks? Please share it.


  1. murag dili lagi ni sa dimsum break sa ayala... weheheh...

  2. haha! awh sa food court ra baya ni nila. jejjeej



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