Tuesday, July 20, 2010

With College And High School Friends

Sorry for not updating my blog last week because I was so busy. Friends invited me for an "ukay-ukay" where you can shop for secondhand goods such as clothings, shoes and bags for a very cheap price. Still I haven't washed the clothes yet but I hope I could wear it for the next rampa with Arcel and Jacqui.

Arcel, Roxanne and Jacqui at the Crown Regency Hotel

Our shopping bags: Jacqui's, Arcel's, Roxanne's respectively.

Last night I met few of my high school friends during the birthday of Miss Zafra (our high school adviser) with Bysshe, Rashim, Rhenelyn and Mike.

The 5 of us with the birthday girl, Miss Zafra.

It is really fun to see your friends after high school and college reminiscing your school life.  I have no more things to say but spending time with them is cool.

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