Tuesday, July 06, 2010

With High School Pips In Tubod Flowing Water Resort

Last Sunday on July 4, 2010, we had an outing at Tubod Flowing Water Resort. It was supposed to be a reunion of my high school batch mates but only few attended. Some were so busy and some admitted that they really wanted to come to the event. Even though we were so few, I still enjoyed the outing because we had lots of foods that is why I was not worried that some didn't come. Hahaha! Lol

Self-timer moment.  It was the three of us: Maria Ana, Elaine and me arrived first at the resort.

Then NiƱo arrived.  We wondered who would be next.

My mom's spaghetti

At last, Karen and Noli arrived.

A two-piece I just bought. Hahaha! Worth Php300 plus I think.

A kawaii pose

My camwhore moment

At the pool

Oraca arrived late afternoon.

It was indeed fun.  Even though it was the girls left at the resort from 5pm to 8pm, the four of us still enjoyed the pool with the revelation.  Hahahah! Well, it's a secret for the four girls. Lol ^_^

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