Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's With The Wavy Hair?

What's with the wavy hair?
Yesterday, I went to Joecel Studio for a graduation pictorial. I am not really used of wearing make-up and honestly I don't like my picture when I saw it. I am just weird, I guess so. I've got almost into tears when they put eye liner and mascara. Also, I am not used of smiling showing my teeth even though the dentist already told me I have good set of teeth and zero cavity. Hahaha!

I really forgot how to have a good smile showing your teeth. We've already heard it before that some photographer would quote: "SAY CHEESE!" but I never said it. When I smiled for the pictorial, it feels like it was fake. As what I've said before, I really don't know how to smile showing your teeth.

After the pictorial, thank goodness I brought wet tissues to wipe my make-up but the mascara and eye liner, I just left it to stay so that my face would not be a mess. Oh yeah, my hair it was wavy. I didn't know how to carry it but I felt so liberated with the hair. I went to Metro Gaisano for a little shopping and suddenly I had the feeling to buy for a mini-skirt. Yeah I saw a white mini-skirt but it's worth Php500.00, oh come on it's too expensive.

I decided to go to Tabo Sa Banay to look for a mini-skirt. Tabo Sa Banay is the place where you can find cheap dresses and also you can ask for 'tawad' or for the lesser price of the item. I left my goodies at Metro for a while. I found a white skirt but I don't like the cloth then I found a mini-skirt jeans. The original price is Php250.00 then I have it for Php230.00, I just saved twenty pesos.

Finally, I went home. My mom was shocked because she thought I went to the salon. I went to my room, locked the door and did something. Now, it's time for camwhoring. I've got around 160 pictures for the album in my Facebook. Well, it was just for a day. Remembrance kung baga...

I didn't say "cheese", I said "sex" for this smile.  Ever wonder who gave me the advice?

Bedroom pose: Love my eyes here, so round.

Wearing the mini-skirt, carry koba?

Posing behind...

I feel so liberated with the hair

A cutie...

Sexy and seductive? lol

What do you think of my hair for that day? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Do I look good wearing the mini-skirt... Hey, it's my first time. ^_^

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