Friday, July 02, 2010

Macro Shots On Flowers

I did this last month by the time I lost my internet connection. I was so bored and I've got nothing to do at home so I grab my Olympus fe-26 camera, went outside and set my camera to macro settings. There are lots of things to do some experiments on my camera but my double A battery is not rechargeable so it would be a waste if I use the camera often. If I could buy rechargeable batteries, then I can proceed to Panorama shots.

But anyway, here are my shots and I am not a pro. Can you please help me identify with some these plants or flowers? Hehehe!

White and Purple Petunia

White Petunia

Purple Petunia

I don't know the English name of this but some call this 'Sili-sili' because it looks like sili or chili.

Please help me identify this. Thanks.

Is this lavender? Na-'lawos' sya.

Red bougainvillea

White bougainvillea

Not yet-bloomed yellow gumamela

Fully-bloomed yellow gumamela

Too bad, these were only the flowers I took snapshots because some of them were dead but I hope I could have the perfect timing that all flowers are all fully-bloom. ^_^

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