Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meet Vanilla, My New Pet

He is a little kitten named Vanilla. I brought him at home yesterday from my boyfriend's house. My sister wanted a white cat and that's why I told my boyfriend if I could get the white kitten if he could walk already.

My boyfriend put the kitten on a box with holes in it to let it breathe. He gave me tips on how to take care the cat. He told me that if I give the kitten some food, I should spit saliva on it so that it will know that I am it's master. When I opened the box, I feel so pity for it and I looked for food let it eat. I really spit on the food. After the Vanilla ate his food, he really looked for me and starting to climb on my lap to sleep.

Vanilla is so cute

Now you can see him clearer on this view.

Sleeping between my legs.  He feels it's warmer. LOL

Blue eyes
Sleeping on his basket bed. Isn't it cute?
On his second day at home I let him play the strings I found because he has no playmate.  He is very playful.

Do you have your own pet?

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