Friday, September 30, 2011

As Always, Busy As A Bee

I have no pictures to upload right now but I have lots of pictures that need to be uploaded from my camera.  Things were so busy and my brain is really disorganized for having a lack of sleep and I've been thinking a lot.  Do you think this is bad for my health?

Last September 27 was my mom's birthday.  Her celebration was very simple.  My two siblings gave her birthday cakes and I only gave her money for spaghetti or salad but we ended up buying meals from Jollibee.  She had no time to cook because she was also busy with our sari-sari store.  Come to think of it, we were the only two people left at home.

That day, my boyfriend went over to our house and greeted my mom a happy birthday.  He came over because his co-workers ordered mugs from me.  Obviously, that day was very busy.  There were customers came over to print their pictures from Facebook.  I haven't done my online job that day.

After two days that was yesterday, it was my boyfriend's birthday on September 29.  I waited for 12 midnight just to greet him through SMS.  He is working on a night shift and told me that he would go home to spend his birthday at home and back to work at night still on the same day.  What I did yesterday was I bought cake for him.  Of course, I took picture of the cake.  Hehehe!  Before he went to work, we had a stopover at Chowking and eat a lot.

By the way, it's the last day of my Level-Up Anniversary Giveaway.  Don't forget to join! This will be my last post for September but still I'll be posting my happenings on October.  Things are getting busy lately. Hehehe!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unexpected Buying of a New Cellphone - Nokia 101

I mentioned earlier that my cell phone N6030 of four years got dead unexpectedly.  Well, not totally dead.  It's just because my cell phone got battery empty and I could not charge it.  I've been thinking to buy an original battery and original charger.  

I so badly wanted to meet Adam today (see previous post here).  I got no chance to read his messages because my phone went crazy.  Too unfortunate for me, eh? I decided to go to SM City Cebu alone and I went to Nokia to ask something about my phone.  I was really wondering what went wrong to my phone, was it the battery or the charging thingy churvaloh?

Unexpected Sunday Without Adam

Last Friday night, Adam sent an SMS to me that his day off will be changed to Saturday. It so happened that both of us had no load and we had no chance to text that night. On Saturday, I was busy with my online job while multitasking with my home-based business because a friend of mine ordered some tumblers. Then another friend of mine invited me for a fiesta. I thought that Adam's off was still extended to Sunday. Saturday night, I never received a text from him for clarification if he has a job the next day but never heard of him. Well, he fell asleep. 

This morning, I woke up at seven in the morning but I am still lack of sleep. Friends of my sister came over to our house after lunch and had a look of my products: tumblers, mugs, personalized notepads, key chains and phone accessories (see products here). Adam sent an SMS if I could have a chance to meet him this day and I said, of course. Too late for me to know that he has a job for tonight. Yes, I say tonight because he is working on a night shift.

 I never had the chance to meet him today because he would be late for work. Unfortunately, my cell phone got dead. I mean, my battery was empty and I could not charge it. I didn't even wear my watch so I could not distinguish what time it was. I decided to go to SM City Cebu. Another story for this on the next post...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ice Castle in Gaisano Tabunok

Yesterday was September 18, 2011 and it was the 2nd year anniversary of Simple Yet Rock and being an Odesk member.  I am now more excited for more years of blogging and working online.

What did I do for celebration? Well, yesterday was a Sunday and it is my boyfriend and I's day-off.  As usual we always meet every day off and spend our time together.

After we ate our dinner at their home, we decided to go to Gaisano Tabunok and looked for some desserts.  There we found Ice Castle and gave it a try.  Actually it was our first time together to eat Halo-halo there.  We just ordered one Halo-halo special worth PhP67.00 and shared it.

Mango flavor ice cream on top

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cute Bear Stuffed Toy at World of Fun

Last Sunday on September 2011, my boyfriend and I went to Gaisano Tabunok to chill and buy some food for dinner for I was really hungry.  Before doing some grocery, we went first to WOF land or World of Fun.  He has given me a lot of stuffed toys from this amusement industry.  You can see the blog post here.

Adam and Rave

Monday, September 12, 2011

Level Up Anniversary Giveaway

Thanks for the people who joined the first week giveaway and congrats to the winners of the personalized mugs.  Now, I am happy to announce that my giveaway anniversary goes level-up.  Instead of having this every week, starting today this giveaway anniversary will run for three weeks.

To all page fan likers, I and my friends will be giving away you these:

Personalized Mugs by Fotografi Rox
PhP1,000 Cash by I am Zehnre
Large Smurf Stuffed Toy by Gagay.

2 Winners of Simple Yet Rock 2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway - Week 1

Good morning guys! I am excited to announce the two winners of Simple Yet Rock Second Year Anniversary Giveaway Week 1.  I will raffle this twice to get one winner each using

1st Raffle Entrants who got the correct answers.
1.  Eric Revilleza
2.  Maniko Grimmie
3.  Japheth P. Ubaldo
4.  Iam Michelle
5.  Michelle Perdez Talaboc
6.  Rhon BabyJulia Juname
7.  Ajen-Alfeche Ferraren Maglasang
8.  Liezel Tagac
9.  Essel Marie Sabado Cordova
10.  Dianne Grace
11.  Jean Beltran
12.  Marinette Aying
13.  Jeaneth Palarion

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fotografi Rox - Business Office at Home

My so-called "busy-ness" last month is now paid off.  I am so happy that my dream is now coming true to have a little business office at home for Fotografi Rox - Digital Printing, Creations and Designs.  For the whole month of August, it was perfect timing that I had no full-time job in Odesk though I have some part-time stints.  I always keep on saving my earnings from my online job for investing a little business.  By the way, my little business office is located within Telang's Variety Store.  Location is here.

Here are some of the pictures of my little space:

Plastic lamination machine, mugs and the brown table

Sunday, September 04, 2011

2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway - Week 1

Good morning guys (actually it's still half past midnight)! As promised today is September 4.  Let's start this week for the giveaway.

As I celebrate my two years of Simple Yet Rock (not two years in blogging because I had my defunct and deleted blogs before) I am happy to share my personal blog posts that are helpful and sometimes just purely rants or nonsense at all.  This is my first time to have a giveaway contest/promo so please bear with me and I hope everyone will join and enjoy.

I started blogging just for fun or for the sake of improving my writing ability.  Yeah, I know I'm not a good writer (just a wannabe *_*) although it helps me to earn money through blogging (*wink*).  Through blogging with my blogs, it serves as my portfolio that I landed a job in oDesk.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sneak Peek of Simple Yet Rock's Second Anniversary Giveaway

Good morning September! Good morning guys and gals! Here is the sneak peek of Simple Yet Rock's Second Year Anniversary Giveaway.  I'll be giving away eight (8) colorful mugs from Fotografi Rox - Digital Printing, Creations and Designs in Naga, Cebu. Yes, you can have one of these colorful mugs. 

The giveaway celebration will start on September 4, 2011.  This is a month-long celebration.  Every week there will be two (2) winners for the colorful mugs.  I will be posting some questions for you to answer.

Inner Colored Mugs - light blue, pink, red and blue


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