Monday, September 19, 2011

Ice Castle in Gaisano Tabunok

Yesterday was September 18, 2011 and it was the 2nd year anniversary of Simple Yet Rock and being an Odesk member.  I am now more excited for more years of blogging and working online.

What did I do for celebration? Well, yesterday was a Sunday and it is my boyfriend and I's day-off.  As usual we always meet every day off and spend our time together.

After we ate our dinner at their home, we decided to go to Gaisano Tabunok and looked for some desserts.  There we found Ice Castle and gave it a try.  Actually it was our first time together to eat Halo-halo there.  We just ordered one Halo-halo special worth PhP67.00 and shared it.

Mango flavor ice cream on top
As always, Adam knows my ice cream flavor. I just love mango so much.

Ice Castle Tabunok
We were just goofing around the establishment since we were the first two customers at that time until another couple came.  Good thing I brought my camera and took pictures of us.

Just having fun

Enjoying Halo-halo with love

Say aaah!

The funniest picture we ever took

Aaah! again

We're done
Sorry about the oily faces we have for we are so haggard at work.  Hahahaha! Anyway, it was a nice night eating some Halo-halo with your special someone.  How's your Halo-halo experience at Ice Castle?

Anyway, my giveaway contest is still on going that will end this September 2011.  Click here.

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