Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cute Bear Stuffed Toy at World of Fun

Last Sunday on September 2011, my boyfriend and I went to Gaisano Tabunok to chill and buy some food for dinner for I was really hungry.  Before doing some grocery, we went first to WOF land or World of Fun.  He has given me a lot of stuffed toys from this amusement industry.  You can see the blog post here.

Adam and Rave

After he got the stuffed toy, I immediately told him to pose with the toy for the evidence.  Hahahaha! He said of all the toys he picked from WOF, it was the easiest.  We were surrounded by people who also wanted to have the toy.  He named it Rave, after his screen name on Facebook

Rave - me to you

Another member of the family, Rave.
It is really great to be young at heart.  Sooner or later, my bedroom will be full of stuffed toy.  Do you enjoy World of Fun?

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