Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fotografi Rox - Business Office at Home

My so-called "busy-ness" last month is now paid off.  I am so happy that my dream is now coming true to have a little business office at home for Fotografi Rox - Digital Printing, Creations and Designs.  For the whole month of August, it was perfect timing that I had no full-time job in Odesk though I have some part-time stints.  I always keep on saving my earnings from my online job for investing a little business.  By the way, my little business office is located within Telang's Variety Store.  Location is here.

Here are some of the pictures of my little space:

Plastic lamination machine, mugs and the brown table

We have a sari-sari store and I asked my parents to use the other half of our store for my micro-business.  By the way, I used to be in our living room.  The brown table above used to be in my bedroom when I had my mini-office in my bedroom.  

Broken window
The broken window, actually it is my room area.  Actually the store is an extension of our home.  Because of limited budget our store is not fully furnished.

My desktop computer, old tv divider/rack, printers and mug press machine
You can see a refrigerator behind the desktop computer and the tv rack/divider.  The other half is our sari-sari store.
Make use of your old tv divider/rack
I've bought a new tv last year and a new tv rack/divider this year because this old tv rack/divider doesn't fit a 32-inch tv.  It would be a waste to dispose this so I told mom that we could use this tv rack/divider may be in another way.  I never regretted the thought of it.  We just painted it with varnish to look like new.

Mugs, sport jug, plastic lamination machine
I just found some tips on creating an efficient home office.  That is to be creative with your own space.  We don't have to renovate the whole space for it can be costly.  I already use what I have just like what I did with our tv divider/rack.  I also use the old lamp in my room.  For decoration, my mother found a frame about horses.  The wall is not yet painted.  Soon we will install a ceiling fan.  I thank my mom and dad for the help.

We print personalized mugs.  You can check our other products and services at  Please contact us and look for me, Roxanne.

By the way, the first week of my Second Year Anniversary Giveaway is still on going.  Please check this link for you to win a personalized mug:

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  1. This is great! I have to say that everyone has to start off small! I started out my business a few years ago and I never looked back! I initially set up with a virtual office service provider and it gave me the perfect base for growth!



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