Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unexpected Sunday Without Adam

Last Friday night, Adam sent an SMS to me that his day off will be changed to Saturday. It so happened that both of us had no load and we had no chance to text that night. On Saturday, I was busy with my online job while multitasking with my home-based business because a friend of mine ordered some tumblers. Then another friend of mine invited me for a fiesta. I thought that Adam's off was still extended to Sunday. Saturday night, I never received a text from him for clarification if he has a job the next day but never heard of him. Well, he fell asleep. 

This morning, I woke up at seven in the morning but I am still lack of sleep. Friends of my sister came over to our house after lunch and had a look of my products: tumblers, mugs, personalized notepads, key chains and phone accessories (see products here). Adam sent an SMS if I could have a chance to meet him this day and I said, of course. Too late for me to know that he has a job for tonight. Yes, I say tonight because he is working on a night shift.

 I never had the chance to meet him today because he would be late for work. Unfortunately, my cell phone got dead. I mean, my battery was empty and I could not charge it. I didn't even wear my watch so I could not distinguish what time it was. I decided to go to SM City Cebu. Another story for this on the next post...

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