Monday, September 12, 2011

Level Up Anniversary Giveaway

Thanks for the people who joined the first week giveaway and congrats to the winners of the personalized mugs.  Now, I am happy to announce that my giveaway anniversary goes level-up.  Instead of having this every week, starting today this giveaway anniversary will run for three weeks.

To all page fan likers, I and my friends will be giving away you these:

Personalized Mugs by Fotografi Rox
PhP1,000 Cash by I am Zehnre
Large Smurf Stuffed Toy by Gagay.

How to Join: (Please follow instructions ^_^)

Like these 10 fan pages on Facebook (10 pts)

Fotografi Rox (1 pt)
I am Zehnre (1 pt)
Fishy Talks (1 pt)
Gagay (1 pt)
Oh Gosh Gulay (1 pt)
Pinoy MD (1 pt)

Post on YOUR Facebook Profile Wall (1 pt)

(Don't just copy and paste, make sure you tag fan pages.)
Join @Simple Yet Rock, @Fotografi Rox, @I am Zehnre, @Fishy Talks, @Free Travels and Tours, @Gagay, @Air Force Blogger, @Oh Gosh Gulay, @Pinoy MD & @Walking News Paper "Level Up Anniversary Giveaway" to win Personalized Mugs, P1000 Cash, & Large Smurf Stuffed Toy.

Leave a Blog Post Comment (1 pt)

Please inform www.Fotografi that you've joined the contest but YOU have to complete 11 tasks above to make a VALID ENTRY.  You will find a black Facebook social plug-in for you to add a comment.  I will respond to your comment that your entry is valid.

Terms and Conditions

1. This is all open to people who have valid Facebook accounts (300+ friends) and have Philippine address.
2. There will be 6 winners of Personalized Mugs via (raffled by Fotografi Rox), note: Previous winners, you can still have a chance to win P1000 cash and Smurf stuffed toy. (please give others a chance ^_^).
3. There will be 2 winners of PhP1,000 cash via (raffled by I am Zehnre).
4. 1 winner of Large Smurf Stuffed Toy (raffled by Gagay).
5.  The promo will end on the last day of September.

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