Sunday, September 04, 2011

2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway - Week 1

Good morning guys (actually it's still half past midnight)! As promised today is September 4.  Let's start this week for the giveaway.

As I celebrate my two years of Simple Yet Rock (not two years in blogging because I had my defunct and deleted blogs before) I am happy to share my personal blog posts that are helpful and sometimes just purely rants or nonsense at all.  This is my first time to have a giveaway contest/promo so please bear with me and I hope everyone will join and enjoy.

I started blogging just for fun or for the sake of improving my writing ability.  Yeah, I know I'm not a good writer (just a wannabe *_*) although it helps me to earn money through blogging (*wink*).  Through blogging with my blogs, it serves as my portfolio that I landed a job in oDesk.

Before I landed my first job in oDesk, I am really fortunate to reconnect with my former Computer teacher in high school who taught me about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and helped me improve my blogging skills. He is a blogger as well.  He also gave me a part-time job to use the skill that I've learned from him and some blogging tips (if you wanna know who, just ask by leaving a comment hehe).  Being an associate graduate in IT, another skill has learned.  I didn't learn this when I was in college.

Here is my post about doing my online job: Does Online Job Make You Rich?


I'll be giving two (2) personalized mugs every week.  To view the mugs, click here.

You have the chance to make it personalized with your own pictures and designs.


Required Mechanics
1.  Like Simple Yet Rock on Facebook and
2.  Like Fotografi Rox on Facebook

make sure you like them both.


1.  What is the exact date (with month, day and year, of course) that I started blogging for Simple Yet Rock?
2.  What is the exact date (with month, day and year again) that I became a member of oDesk?

Then at YOUR FACEBOOK wall, you need to write this as your status.

@Simple Yet Rock started blogging on September 99, 2099 and oDesk member since September 99, 2099.  Now I have a chance to win one of the two personalized mugs for the week by @Fotografi Rox! ^_^

Note: Don't just copy paste for it won't automatically tag two pages. September 99, 2009 is not the correct answer.  The clues are just on this post. :) Please click the ACTIVE LINKS of this post. 

Please make sure to tag both pages and it should appear on Simple Yet Rock and Fotografi Rox fan page to make it valid.  Another thing, make sure and don't forget to click PUBLIC before you click POST. Please don't forget the link at the end of your status post.  Here's a snapshot for your guide.

Double your chance of winning for leaving a comment on the Facebook comment box after this post.  Just copy and paste your status and don't forget to tag Simple Yet Rock and Fotografi Rox.

@Simple Yet Rock started blogging on September 99, 2099 and oDesk member since September 99, 2099.  Now I have a chance to win one of the two personalized mugs for the week by @Fotografi Rox! ^_^

Here's a picture for your guide.  Please don't forget to check Post to Facebook:

Two (2) winners will be chosen via  The promo/giveaway will run in a week.  Winners will be announced after two (2) days.This promo/giveaway is open to anyone who has a Philippine address.  Non-winners can still join the contest for the next week.  For the winners of the week, please give others a chance. ^____^ The first week of the giveaway will end on September 11, 2011 at 11:59 PM.

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