Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unexpected Buying of a New Cellphone - Nokia 101

I mentioned earlier that my cell phone N6030 of four years got dead unexpectedly.  Well, not totally dead.  It's just because my cell phone got battery empty and I could not charge it.  I've been thinking to buy an original battery and original charger.  

I so badly wanted to meet Adam today (see previous post here).  I got no chance to read his messages because my phone went crazy.  Too unfortunate for me, eh? I decided to go to SM City Cebu alone and I went to Nokia to ask something about my phone.  I was really wondering what went wrong to my phone, was it the battery or the charging thingy churvaloh?

I went to Nokia Care.  The customer service representative told me that my cell phone might undergo a check-up for PhP560.00.  The original battery cost PhP590.00.  I needed to decide what I would do.  If I would go to buy the battery, there is still a possibility that the problem is still the same.  The charging of the phone was the problem.  Nokia will charge me 560 for that excluding the parts.

Should I go for it or buy a new phone instead? I went to another store and looked for a phone.  I was really planning to have a smart phone, an android phone perhaps.  I withdrew my money for 5,100 but I decided not to go for it because I might be broke for how many days.  I remember that after two days it will be my mom’s birthday and another two days, my boyfriend’s birthday.  I have to be FRUGAL.

I already saw a Nokia 101 phone on sale.  It is a basic, GSM, and colored phone.  Actually it has the same function with my old phone.  My old phone was worth P3990 last 2007 but this Nokia 101 is worth P1490.

Nokia 6030 has GPRS, MMS, WAP, Java and downloadable with games while Nokia 101 has not.  But Nokia 101 has more features than Nokia 6030.  It has dual SIM settings, MP3 music player, micro SD card up to 16GB,

I realized it would be too much for me if I will buy a smart phone.  I have my net book already and have Wi-Fi at home.  I don’t want myself to be surrounded in the cyber world while at bed because of its accessibility.  Hey, I always stay at home, working at home to be exact.  I want ME-TIME. 

I’m going to give my Nokia 6030 phone to mom because she wants the radio feature as her birthday gift request.  Her phone is Nokia 1208.  She enjoys the game there.  She can switch the batteries of the two phones.  Nokia 6030 can’t recharge using a charger but battery is still in good condition and can be charged using another phone with the same battery.

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