Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cebu Bonsai Society at SM City Cebu

As we roamed around SM City Cebu with my new digital camera

last March 14, we saw an exhibit from Cebu Bonsai Society. Ever since I was young, I am really interested to these kind of plants and really interested to Japanese stuffs. I am planning for the future to build a house in Japanese style with bonsai surrounded on it. Hahaha! As if I have a green thumb.

As I went near to the plants, there are lots of bonsai named Bantigue. I realized that the resort we went through this early March is called Bantigue Cove Beach Resort

. I wonder if I ever saw a bantigue there but I guess it wouldn't have been named if there wasn't any. It was just that I just didn't know why the resort is named Bantigue.

If you want to know the name of the bonsai that I captured, just click the photo and zoom it so that you can read the name of each bonsai.

Bonsai came from Japan which is the art of growing trees in small containers.

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