Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nosebleed Afer Work

El NiƱo and Summer, the most common thing will happen is Nosebleed.

Yesterday, I was so excited to go home from work for it is already weekend. I already lacked of sleep for the past few days and I sometimes having this drowsiness during working hours. I am also having trouble with my sinusitis and I always have tissue beside me.

I am working in a company with a very cold environment due to a fact that computers should be on lower temperature. When I got off to work, the earth is so hot at 2pm and the air was so dry. I was already inside the jeep. I was trying to pick out my nose and it happened that my nasal membranes were dry out. It didn't hurt me but I was shocked when I was bleeding on my nose.

As far as I remember, it was my first time for having nosebleed and I was almost having a panic how to stop it. I hurriedly get my tissue for I was afraid that my blood would be dripping on my shirt or my bag. I didn't even care if the passengers were looking at me while I was helping myself holding or pinching the soft part of my nose with my head tilted forward for at least five minutes.



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