Friday, March 05, 2010

Cocobana Beach Resort in Malapascua Island

My aunt from Norway arrived two weeks ago and planned to have a vacation in Malapascua Island with my mother, my other aunts and my cousins. This is an EXPENSIVE TRIP BUT TOTALLY FREE. We arrived on February 28 at noon and left on March 2 also at noon. Good thing I filed for vacation leave ahead of time and really enjoyed the trip. So as not to miss my Facebook, my status was always updated through mobile web. We stayed at Cocobana Beach Resort.

On the first day, February 28, these were the things we've done: (Click the photos for larger views)

This is our photo taken in the boat

This is the Super-Deluxe-Aircon-Room with sea view. We occupied the two rooms below, five persons each room.

The "sariling-sikap" show

My mother and my aunt are watching Cartoon Network! Hahaha!

Good thing mama brought this chicken-macaroni salad. We never expected that we have our own refrigerator in our room.

Walking by the beach in the afternoon with my aunts

Sunset at Malapascua

This is the night life

The chocolate shake and the lamp. Would you believe that this chocolate shake worth Php130.00 or almost $3???

I told you a while ago that the trip was very expensive. Most of the tourists are foreigners and most of the resorts are just neighbors. The internet rental is worth Php150.00 or $3. Most resorts are owned by foreigners that's why most expenses are worth dollars. Because this is a three-day trip, please wait for my another post on the second day at Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte. I still have more photos about the trip. ^_^


  1. Hi

    I've got, a site that tries to have up-to-date info about Malapascua. I'd be very interested in hearing what you thought about staying at Cocobana, as I haven't gotten hol dof any reviews of that place yet.

  2. Hi,

    are you Norwegian? Our stay in Cocobana is great. We had a nice stay in our room and also with nice accommodation.

  3. Day pila ang room diha sa resort na yan and how to get there too.

  4. actually sir, i really don't know the price of the room because i never asked my aunt about the price. naay link dinha sir kanang Cocobana Beach Resort. dinha rami nag sa price.

  5. This is one of the best hotels in the island, great service, view, food and the beach front. I always stay there whenever I travel to the island.



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