Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vomited After Work

There was another incident happened to me this afternoon. This time, I vomited after work. I just had an incident two Saturdays ago, the Nosebleed After Work. I was just alright at work then. I was already excited to go home because it is already weekend, this is what happened to me.

Last night, I slept early at 8:00pm. I just worked one hour for my part-time job and after that, goodnight, and woke up at 3:30am for the full-time job. I was really alright at work. Before going out, I drank a lot of water. In a BPO environment, the temperature is always cold for the sake of the computers. Of course, I went outside very hot, the shifting of temperatures that made my body shocked.

I was already at the jeep going to Colon and I started feeling of going to vomit. There at UP Cebu, I disgorged the food from my stomach. The food that I ate during lunch break and vomited again. The third time was on Escario Street. I arrived at Colon and went to Jollibee Colon beside Metro. At the cubicle, I vomited a lot and my stomach was churning with pain. I already cried because I lost my energy.

I waited for another jeepney going to Bulacao. I was already inside but went out again because I had to vomit because of the smokes and the odor. It was very shameful people seeing me vomiting outside Gaisano South. I sent an sms to my mom and told me to buy white flower ointment in the pharmacy. Thank goodness that there is Rose Pharmacy at Gaisano South and I was the only customer at that time.

I already asked the pharmacist to let me use the white flower even though I haven't got my change yet. She really saw me that was really weak and asked me where I came from. I just answered IT Park and she concluded that it is the usual incident that happened to a person who is working in a call center. Her conclusion is half-right but I am not a call center agent.

I went outside of the mall and took a seat at the stairs while the ointment at hand. I rested for a while and was thinking what would be the next plan. I was afraid of vomiting again inside the jeep so I ended waving a taxi for going home to Naga.

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