Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Adventures of Naruto

With my twenty-something age, I am still fond of watching anime especially with the anime hit series Naruto. I've known a lot of people who are fans of the anime, my nephews and nieces, my boyfriend, my friends and co-workmates and so on.

My boyfriend and I are so addicted playing it on their playstation. Being an artist by heart (*ahem), we also draw, paint and print Naruto shirts and bookmarks for business. This is an ongoing Japanese manga series so my partner and I are also updated with the story. He is also collecting videos of Naruto.

I can't miss any Naruto episodes for it is very adventurous. Watching anime makes me feel a kid again. :)


  1. hi!

    like you, i'm fond of anime. but since i can't watch any of this now, so I'm not updated anymore. hehehe

    well for me anime is something that fulfilling your fantasy in not frustrating way. I miss the time when i was very passionate about it.

    so more power to us. hehehe

    btw, thanks for visiting Hoshilandia Sr. and for your eagerness to consult with Ate jevs.

    well our email by the way is powerdream14@yahoo.com

    aregato Rox-san

  2. hehehe oo nga... cge i'll email you later. kinda nabusy kaunti eh...^_^



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