Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bantigue Cove Resort in Malapascua Island (3rd day)

Sorry for the late post about the Malapascua Island escapade for I was so busy the past few weeks. As promised, here is the third day in our vacation.

Welcome to Bantigue Cove Resort

In going to the resort, this is where we passed through. You can even take a swim here.

Bantigue Cove Resort is spectacular for diving and snorkeling. The resort is so private unlike any other resort in the island. It is very peaceful and honeymooners are welcome to this resort.

I took some beautiful scenery in the island. The resort is so amazing with its blue sky and sea, green earth and a very white and wide sand.

The huge stone behind me facing to the sea was carved as Bantigue Cove Resort.

Looks like a post card, right? I took this shot with my cousin as the model. I just love the wide blue sea and the sky, the wooden seat and the dead tree, is it really dead?

I hope I could get back to this resort when I am getting married. Hehehe!


  1. Excellent place. I hope to visit this place one time.

  2. hi. yeah you should visit the place.



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