Monday, October 25, 2010

Anong Kwentong Nokia Mo? - Your Nokia Story

This is my Nokia story.  The unit of my Nokia phone is N6030.  I bought this when I had my part-time job in Jollibee while studying.  This is the first mobile phone I've ever bought with my own money.  I bought this sometime in February 2007.  Today my phone is already more than three years old.  

I love my N6030.  My phone fell and the casing broke a lot of times.  As you can see, there were lots of scratches on my phone.  It seems like I didn't care too much with it.  It's true that I rarely clean it.  I am just tired of doing so. 

I am also blessed that I never experienced being robbed.  It is because my cellphone is not that really eye-catching to snatchers.  The casing of the mobile phone really broke down.  My phone was really ugly when I got nothing to buy for a new casing.

Ugly casing

A lot of people already upgraded their phones with camera, 3g and wifi.  I don't have the reason to upgrade because my main purpose of the mobile phone is just calling and texting.  Some even have two or more cellphones with different cellular subscription.  Until now I am very loyal to Globe and so as my boyfriend.

With the new casing
I am very stingy.  After more than 3 years, I just decided to buy a new casing for my phone.  I just decided to buy because I lost the other part of the casing.  My boyfriend even called me for being one.  It's true that I am stingy but I buy something that has good quality but sometimes the expensive.  I'll be more luckier if I buy things with discounts.

Still looks new

My three-year old cellphone

Any Nokia story of yours? Share some...


  1. wew..real old.. good thing it is still up and running... such a sturdy phone indeed!!!

  2. hahaha yep! i bought this phone for Php3.9K plus. The new casing is worth Php100.00. hehe! A thousand pesos is worth a year. hehee!

  3. i never bought my own phone. i won a 2760 or something in a raffle, and to this day it's my only phone. :) who's more stingy? hahahaha.. just kidding.

  4. ah... uhm... i think your stingier than me. hahahaha! lucky for you. i never won any prizes in my life... hehehe!



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