Monday, September 21, 2009

Part-time Jobs for Students

For those who wants extra money while studying, you can try these jobs:

* working at a fast-food restaurant
* working as a computer attendant near to your school or at your home

actually there are lots of things you can do for extra money.

I tried working at a fast-food restaurant when I was 18. I worked because I want to buy a new cellphone and also I want to have working experiences as my preparation to the real world. Working and studying at the same is very difficult and challenging.

Working in fast-food restaurant attest your patience, either you stay longer or quit. There are lots of things to memorize and to understand. You are not only working but you are also studying the flow of the business. Because of the experience, you are confident enough to find for another job after the end of contract.

There is advantage in working while studying. We don't know that some of us will not continue their studies due to financial crisis. Just like me, I am already on my third year of college but I stopped. Now, I am working on a BPO company, full time and having a sideline job.

Any part-time jobs you have to share with your fellow students?

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