Friday, September 18, 2009

A Lifeless New Born Baby

I am saddened by the news I've read in a local newspaper about a new-born baby floating on the river. The baby is already dead with umbilical cord still connected, a baby girl. Based on the investigation, it is said that there was a sign that the baby was freshly born from her mother's womb.

This news is very common and we can also see this on television, especially Abortion. My heart aches every time I hear and see this kind of news. This is worse than murder or can be associated to murder, to think killing an innocent child or a fetus. I am an advocate of anti-abortion.

There are many reasons why most ladies do abortion or throw new-born babies on the garbage or river but I only have two possible reasons. Number one is fear. Fear for their parents' reaction and the people around them.

Number two is not prepared. They are not ready for having a child because it is unplanned. It could be doing pre-marital sex without knowledge of sex education or possibly been raped.

But I admire the lady in my neighborhood who had been raped but bore the child. In this case, she was not ready for what happened but her parents and relatives supported her and the baby, the girl is now grown-up.

On the other hand, the pre-marital sex, a boyfriend and a girlfriend obviously doing this. It is their responsibility of doing such act. Fear and being unprepared sets in so the only solution they have is abortion which is not really a good idea. Please have pity on the upcoming child even though it is unplanned. All you have to do is to face the consequences. Be responsible of your own doings.

What can you say about abortion?

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