Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My First Ebay Transaction

Yesterday, I received $60.00 on my Pay Pal which is a payment from my employer.  Just so you know, I am working at home with my online job.  I looked for something which is below $10.00 to give it a try.  I've been looking for gadgets but they are too expensive.  I decided to go on fashion items.  Actually the other night, I bid for a skirt but I lost.  The bidder won it for $7.00, I bid for $6.50.

While browsing around, I found this cardigan sweater with the color of ivory white.  It is worth AU$9.99 or US$9.79.  So I bought it and paid it already.  I'll be expecting this on November.  I am also doing another ebay transaction, too.

Update: It seems that I cannot have this by November.  I received a notification from Ebay that they already removed this for some reason.  But still I am expecting for another item I purchased which is the camera tripod for my digital camera just for $1 with free shipping.

Do you have any ebay transaction experience? Please share some and give me tips.

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