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Pay pal With Your EON Unionbank Account

Signing Up With Pay pal

Signing up with Pay pal is easy as 1, 2, 3. It is just like your signing up for a gmail, yahoomail, facebook, friendster account and etc. Make sure to remember your primary e-mail address and the password. Signing up is free, just go to the Pay pal website.

My account type is personal. Just follow the steps and fill up information they need which is provided by you. I already had my Paypal account when I was 16 at year 2005. You can still have a Paypal account even though you don't have any credit cards or bank account to link on yet.

It is very important to read everything on Pay pal.

Setting Up An EON Union Bank Account

It was January 2010 I set up an account with Union Bank for my Pay pal account. Imagine, after 5 years, now I got a job. Go to the nearest Union Bank branch and tell them that you are applying for an EON Account. It is better that you already photocopied your 2 valid ID's because it is a requirement. A bank representative will give you forms to fill up. You have to pay Php350.00 for the annual fee.

A letter from Union Bank will be sent to you.  They promised that after a week, you can get it but I just returned after a month. You can ask for the bank's contact number in order for you to check the status if the atm is ready for you to pick-up. After receiving the atm, It would be much better to deposit a few hundreds for at least Php200.00 for you to be able to verify you EON account with Paypal online.

Enrolling Your EON Account

Go to Union Bank's website at
Look for the EON Cyber Account icon and click
After you click, another window pops up.  Follow the steps for enrollment and fill up the information needed provided by you.

There will be a notification that you can already access your account online.

Verifying Your Pay pal With EON Account

Now go back to your Paypal account. You could see that your status is still unverified.  It is now time to link your Pay pal with EON account for you able to withdraw your money from Pay pal to your bank. Just follow the steps carefully and read everything that is needed.  Remember I told you to deposit Php200.00? There is a fee for verification worth $1.95 but don't worry, they will return it back to your account.  If the money is returned, you are now ready to withdraw your earnings from Pay pal to your EON account.

This post is to give warning for you to avoid the message in your Paypal, "Your account access is LIMITED".

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  1. is the 350php to be paid on the same day you filed for an EON?

  2. yes you have to pay the 350Php on the same day. :)



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