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I created this blog as a hobby. I just want to post my personal interests in here. I am not a good writer and never been in school publications before but I just want to express how I feel and my points of view in life. As long as possible, I want to have correct grammar on my writings.

The paragraph above was taken on my About page.

When I started this blog, I had a very simple header or banner. It was just scenery I took in Santander and just put the title Simple Yet Rock with a lame font. My blog was not really artistic. It was just plain words with my ramblings (no pictures yet). I also do blog-hopping to check out on other sites how they beautify it especially on their header.
Scenery in Santander

I made my own header with the inspiration of butterflies which I Googled it. I used Adobe Photoshop CS2 for designing using the available font. My theme color was purple and also the blogger template. Sir Jobette, the owner of Cebu Image, who I mentioned on my About page saw my new header design and he gave a compliment. I must say it is better than the previous one.

Using Adobe Photoshop CS2

My purple header

There were lots of changes happened on this blog and to myself. I’ve learned some things from bloggers especially on improving my own. Of course, I also searched blogging tips on the net. Because of Simple Yet Rock, I have my online job. I serve this as one of my portfolio. I registered as a Nuffie at Nuffnang and join some contests.

We also celebrated birthday of my mom with Goldilocks last year. It was my first time to buy a cake for her because I had a day-time job and perfect timing it was a payday. How about mine? It was the same cake as mom’s but mine is bigger, the 12-inch round mocha cake. Bad thing I never took a snapshot of it because we never had the chance at that time to borrow (we had no camera). At Christmas, Goldilocks cake is always part of it.

Mom's birthday cake

I also got the chance to meet bloggers offline at Cebu Blog Camp last May 22, 2010 that was organized by Cebu Bloggers (this time around I have my digital camera). I met new friends and old friends. I am looking forward for the next event.

The First Cebu Blog Camp
New and old friends

Photo from Cebu Blog Camp team

Last Saturday on August 14, I went to the nearest mall to cool down, relax for a bit and bought some things. I passed a Goldilocks store and bought mocha mamon.

Mocha Mamon
I already had the plan to change a new header few weeks ago and design it using Adobe Illustrator. I already had my tutorials in the past and I want to test my new skill. Of course, I have to add it for my portfolio. With the same day I bought the mamon, I started at 8:00 pm, after dinner. As you can see on the purple header it has butterflies so I want another header also with a butterfly. I want it to be colorful so that I can play with the colors.  I chose a blogger template with an abstract background.  The flower is also abstract and the butterfly is a vector.

It was already late at night that I didn’t notice the time.  I was unfinished yet with the project and I became frustrated to finish it immediately.  I could not concentrate because I was starving.  I took a break and good thing there was still mamon left.  

Mamon on my computer table

Taking a break

Eat eat eat!
I was done with my header sometime at 12:00 mn.  Now I am proudly to present to you my new header and I am happy with the result because it is so colorful.

It's not only me who changed my header or banner for my blog but also Goldilocks has a new logo.


  1. hi rox, ito talaga ang tinatawag na simple pero rock...kitakits sa events...sana marami goldilocks food at makita ko si ma'am kris, hehehe =)

  2. nice ung entry mo ,,,ung sa akin wlang sense...jewjew

  3. @ Mga Katoto: hehe! thank you! I hope I could go to Manila. I've never been there. Nasa Cebu lang ako palage. hehehe!

  4. @ Nacky: Thank you! ^_^ Ok lang yan, at least part si Goldilocks sa ating pagbabago. char! :)

  5. rox... nice imong banner.. good job.

    apil sd ko ani na contest.

  6. @ cebu city: hehehe! thanks2x bitaw join anang contest sa Nuffnang Goldilocks ^_^ hehehe!

  7. @jayson r. biadog: salamat po ^_^

  8. panget ng entry mo~! try again

  9. I am proud to say that this is the RESULT OF MY PASSION ^_^

  10. @pusa: I don't care! hahahaha!

  11. don't mind her...hehe...your entry is simple and heartfelt plus you had a rockin time creating it, ayt?that's what matters most...good job on your header as well!

    ps. am quite new in this blogging thing and am having trouble attaching the goldilocks logo to my blog entry, would you be kind enough to teach me how?thanks in advance:)

  12. Very cool!Thanks for your trendy post! do visit my entry sometime too at http://kayelangit-luistro.blogspot.com/2010/09/pagbabago.html

  13. @jared's mum: thank you. yeah i have a good time creating my header. tomorrow i'll drop by on your blog because i'm busy with my work right now.

  14. @kaye langit: thanks for dropping by. yeah sure why not. kinda busy ako kaya di maxado nakapagvisit sa ibang entry ng Pagbabago. hehehe!

  15. Unsa na sya xan? Soybitz ni.
    wanna share my link lang sad.



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