Saturday, May 22, 2010

Successful First Cebu Blog Camp

Just arrived home at 9:00 pm from the city. After the blog camp, Bonjovax, Kevin and Mark dropped me at Colon. I went dinner with my partner at Mang Inasal, he was from work and decided to meet up. After the dinner, we walked going to Cebu South Bus Terminal for it is a weekend and I am tired for a two-ride jeep going home. It is a weekend so there were lots of people going to their respective provinces and that is why I arrived late.

I thought I was going to be alone at the Cebu Blog Camp because I never knew anyone personally until I found Mark Anthony Razonable (a fellow Technologian from Cebu Institute of Technology and a former IT student now ECE) with a six days old blog, waiting outside CAP auditorium, who was waiting for Kevin Ray Chua and Bonjovax (one of the creators of Bisdak Revolution), they're all Technologians.

These are the freebies that I got from Cebu Blog Camp! Weeeeh! I just love freebies! ^_^

This was the contest using the five sheets of newspapers for the fashion contest. (Am I right?)

With Mark Monta, Mark Razonable, Kevin Ray Chua and Bonjovax.

Well, there are lots of things to do and I think I just have to do this slowly connecting with other bloggers asking for exchange links. Hehehe! ^_^ For the next time!


  1. Hi Rox, thanks for coming to Cebu Blog Camp 2010. I hope you enjoyed our event. ^_^

  2. hello! nag enjoy jud ko. gamay pa akong nailhan oi then nauwaw man ko makig ila2x ninyo. hehehe! bitaw unta sunod naa pud. bag.ohay lang jud baya ko ani. ^_^

  3. dont worry Rox. You'll have more opportunities after this :) I'm glad you enjoyed :)

  4. yep. i am looking forward to that. more opportunities! daghan pa jud kog makuha ani kay magamit man pud ni nako sa akong part-time job. makakuha gyud kog tricks and tips ninyo. ^_^ thanks ^^

  5. Thanks for coming sa CBC! See you sa next one! :)

  6. sure! i am looking forward for it ^_^



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