Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy Rox

Things been busy lately and I have no time to write. Yes, nothing interesting things to write about, waah! Am I boring? Maybe. I have four projects on going that is why I rarely visit my blogs especially my Cebuana Ako blog.

I am also organizing an event to meet up with high school batch mates. It is really my first time to do this but it is not really complicated because my idea is just a simple Pizza Party since Alberto's Pizza has already a branch here in Naga. I am not really sure if all the people I invited will all confirm. It is alright because some already confirmed to join.

This is not an official reunion since I don't have any programme how the party will going to be. I am thinking of an on-the-spot fun. Of course, I am happy to say that those who confirmed are the ones I can go with the flow. Some are just busy with their work because they are all career men and women.

Once in a while, I could escape from work. A while ago, I just went to our plaza to walk and relax a bit and I ate dinner together with mom.

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