Friday, May 07, 2010

Sun Surrounded By A Halo Of Rainbow

This is taken today sometime at quarter to 1PM. My mom was listening to the news on the radio at DYAB about the sun surrounded by a rainbow. I hurriedly went out with my camera and just point-and-shoot.

Thanks to my Olympus fe-26 camera for having a nice shot of this wonderful scene.

Will you meet me halfway right at the border line?

The sun is shining bright up in the sky.

I don't know what it means but the PAG-ASA said it is a good sign and nothing bad will happen. It is very cool. Have you took a snapshot of this, too?


  1. Saw this during lunch today. Really cool =)

  2. Yep! Very very cool! First time to see this.

  3. nag play ang Y101.1 Always First! (hehehe) og songs that has something to do with the sun from around 10am - 12pm. :D happy!

  4. waah! kanus.a nila gepatukar? ka cool gud! ^^

  5. that was Jesus Christ in the middle..amen :)))



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