Sunday, May 30, 2010

My New Hobby, Digital Scrapbooking

This is the Photomix Interface

I've got bored yesterday while doing link building from a site that I do not own. I stumbled upon a blog that talked about scrap booking and I was lured about it. A long time ago, I really had plans to do it but I had no time because I don't have the materials to use. I have to go to an Arts and Crafts store to buy the specific materials to be used like colorful papers, embellishments like ribbons, buttons and other small bits of pieces.

They introduce the word "digital scrapbooking". I wonder what it made digital then I went to my search, there are lots of websites about it that offers a software to do such thing.

I looked for a free digital scrapbooking software and I found Photomix and downloaded it. Yes, it is for free but it has limitations so you have to purchase the full version to enjoy the features.

Then I started and it is really easy to use because you can easily resize the pictures and grab the clip arts for the specific place. If you want ready-made template and just put your picture on it, they also have it. You can check out their Photomix templates with different themes from love, summer, Halloween, Christmas and any occasions.

using the Love template

using the Summer template

Since I don't have the full version, what did I do to save it as .jpeg format? I just click print screen then I went to paint and saved it but sadly it doesn't have a good quality. All in all, this is a very enjoyable thing to do even though you are not scrapping digitally.

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