Saturday, July 24, 2010

Four Months Of Being A Tambay

Classmates, friends, relatives and acquaintances asked me, "Asa ka nag work karon?" (Where are you working right now?)

I always answer, "Tambay ra intawn ko sa balay." (I am just staying at home.)

If you hear the word Tambay, people's impression of me is that I have no work. I am already 21 years old and a 3rd year college level only. All my batch mates in college already graduated and now all of them are professionals. What a shame to myself that at this age, I have not looking for work or no work as of the moment?

By the time of my previous job for almost a year on a BPO company, I have this part-time job at home which is using your computer and the internet. My earning is not really big but at least I have an extra-income.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

What do I do? I do freelance jobs: data entry, blogger, article writer, web researcher, virtual/personal assistant, SEO/link builder, and graphic designer.

After 10 months I resigned because I got sick due to hyper-acidity and I was worried that it would affect my work. Now I am focusing on my home-based job and my earning is just enough.

This is my new meaning of Tambay.

Classmates and friends asked me, "Asa ka nag work karon?" (Where are you working right now?)

I answered very seriously with a sad notion on my voice, "Tambay ra intawn ko, in English: home-based."

They blurted a laugh because of what I said on the latter and they thought I was just joking.

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