Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make up Galore

I have a confession, I really didn't like cosmetics and I am really a late bloomer in wearing make-up and I was afraid putting it on my face. I remember the time when I was working part-time in a fast food chain (I was 18 then) and the manager really wanted me to wear make-up. I even hated lipstick but I have no choice but to put something on my lips.

I turned 19 and I worked in a department store as a sales staff for a sport shop. I was the youngest of all the employees. My manager really wanted me to wear make-up so that I look mature. I remembered her saying in Filipino, "Mag make-up ka nga, mukha kang nene." Nene pertains to a little or young girl.  With the image below, I bought this make-up, an Ever Bilena brand worth Php 200+.  I forgot the specific price.

My first make-up, still using it now.

I never used it when I was 20. A cousin of mine borrowed it for a certain occasion but she lost my brush for the lipstick . Now that I am 21, I learn to appreciate on using it.

For your cheeks, for your lips, for your eyeshadow respectively

I was on practice and sorry for the eye bags.

Practice 2: putting eye shadows and blush-ons, no lipstick yet.

I think that's it for today.  Any make-up tips you can give me?

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