Monday, August 02, 2010

My Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

This is my Adobe Illustrator tutorial with the project Halloween Pumpkin. I know it's August but it's not yet Halloween.  I am just a newbie in Illustrator even though I am already into Adobe Photoshop.  Honestly, this is my first time to use the Pen Tool.  I know it's already in Photoshop but I never used it because I didn't even know how.  I use it through editing photos and creating banners or logos.

It is really hard to use the Pen Tool and I searched for the internet on how to use it.  I found this link, and bookmarked it.

I also bookmarked this Halloween pumpkin tutorial and I hope this link will help you,

I started after lunch, I guess quarter to 2pm.  I've done this trial and error because I had trouble with the software.  It finished sometime at 6:55pm.  It's worth the artwork.

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