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A mail popped up to my inbox and it was from Nuffnang.  I hurriedly read it for I am excited for a new blogging contest.  Yes, I was right.  There is another blogging contest in town and they've been asking me what my Christmas wish is this year.  The prize will be a Nokia C7. Wow!

You're asking me if I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas. Yes, I want it.  No, it's just not a want but definitely a NEED.  I WANT a Nokia C7 because I really NEED it. Here are some of the reasons why I need it for Christmas and also for the coming years.

image from

For Work:

I am working at home almost 12 hours a day, 6 days a week with my online jobs at as a freelance data entry operator, seo/link builder, blogger/writer, and graphics designer.  With this nature of job I have right now, I need a smartphone that answers my needs for my all-in-one organizer, contacts, updating my Facebook, Twitter and blog, and checking my e-mail directly on my phone.  I am a Nokia fan with my Nokia 6030 story which the main purpose is for texting and calling.  My N6030 is GPRS capable but hey, I need to make use of the wi-fi at home but unfortunately I don't have a smartphone.

I've always been eyeing the Nokia smartphones because they are reliable products with the longevity usage as what you've read on my Nokia story post.  What's also important for having a Nokia smartphone is I NEED to use it as a modem with my net book in case I will go to a place with no wi-fi spot.  Of course, all I need to do is to load some credits.  Anywhere I go, I can still work with my online job as long as it has the signal.

With the Nokia C7, I can use and access the productivity tools listed on this magazine, also from Nokia, which I got it as a freebie when I joined Cebu Blog Camp.  One of the productivity tools I've been using is the  I love this magazine and it is very useful for me.  I keep on reading this because they have lots of tips for bloggers like me.

the front cover
the back cover

December is a busy month for me.  I've been invited to various occasions from birthdays to weddings, a Christmas party and a reunion.  Of course, I already planned for a holiday vacation.  I keep on updating and check out my to-do bla-bla list here.

Going back to my job is monitored, every ten minutes, as you can see the screenshot and most of the time I can't check out my Facebook for updates.  My employers won't allow me to do unnecessary things unrelated to my job.

My odesk work diary

I have lots of things to catch up on Facebook because this month we will be having our Grand Alumni of Minglanilla National Science High School.  I am the representative of our batch and I am so busy catching people on Facebook to disseminate the news.  But with my work in odesk, I am not free to browse Facebook.  A Nokia C7 is highly needed to do multi-tasking and for communication.

For Blogging and Entertainment:

I love music.  I love working with music but unfortunately my mp4 player broke down.  I already have plan for a holiday vacation within these days as what you have read on my to-do list.  If I get bored with the trip, all I have to do is listening to music or go for games.  

My broken mp4 player with scotch tape around it :'(

Anyway, I can use the camera for capturing beautiful sceneries while on the trip.  I have a digital camera but the video has no audio.  I've been so interested with video blogging and I want to have a video blog post here on Simple Yet Rock using Nokia C7.

For Traveling:

I've asked my employers to have three days holiday vacation from December 27 - 29.  Thank goodness, my holiday leave is already approved.  I'll be going to Bantayan Island.  What's so nice with Nokia C7 is that they have this "Maps with free GPS navigation."  I want to tour the whole island using the GPS.

Sugar Beach Resort in Sta. Fe, Cebu

Me along the beach

It is clearly stated above why I deserve to have a Nokia C7.  This smartphone is an all-in-one use for personal and work.  I want to have a Nokia C7 because I really need it and I want to improve my PRODUCTIVITY.  All the features of this phone are really important to me. It's not technology; it's what I do with it. ^___________^


  1. The nokia smartphone is indeed very helpful in so many ways and for so many reasons. And just like you, I'm a freelancer myself and no matter how long I've been in this industry, I'm still looking for ways to improve my productivity and still get an extra hour per day. I am workaholic and our minds, unlike any device, can't hold much reminders to keep us on track without stress.

    In terms of travel, this could also be very helpful. Aside from taking photos and videos, you can upload them directly through your phone, which other phones can do but C7 can do with fashion ;) Besides, in every workaholic lifestyle we need to get out sometimes and "collect memories" of the sceneries or with the people we enjoy spending time with. Good luck! :)

  2. I totally agree with you Hippo. Haha! I wish I could win the Nokia C7 because it can really help with the nature of job we have. :)



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