Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is the most significant bloggable event that happened to you in 2010?

The year 2010 has been good to me. Actually I didn’t expect those blessings. It all started when I resigned from my previous job somewhere in IT Park and focused on my online job in Odesk. For me, this is the most significant event that happened to me in 2010 which is worth bloggable because I am earning more than working in a company (with a minimum wage salary).

I gave up my studies in Information Technology (I was already on my 3rd year sometime in 2008) because of financial problem. For how many months I was looking for an online job with the use of the internet but unfortunately I had not found it yet. Still I seek for an alternative job with some of these qualifications of at least second year college level and computer literate. I was hired as a cashier of a certain sport shop in SM City Cebu for three months (from November ‘08 to February ‘09). Thanks to my first working experience as a service crew in a certain fast food chain (studying while working).

By the end of February, I mourned because my grandmother, who had the same birth date as mine, died. After two to three weeks, I applied for a job in IT Park on May ’09 as data entry operator. After six months probation, I became a regular employee but I only lasted four months because I vomited during the unexpected last day of work on March ‘10. I went to the doctor for a check-up and she found out it was hyperacidity (which I have history). I need to resign to regain my health and weight.

I’ve been a member in Odesk since September ‘09 and it serves as a part-time job while working in IT Park. It was referred by a friend of mine who stayed in Manila for a while. When I decided to leave my job I realized I have to focus on my online job and tried my luck. I already have my part time jobs but still I looked for full time jobs to apply. I made sure that my profile or resume is impressive enough by prospective employers. I was thankful that I gained skills (from friends) and good feedback (from previous employers) until there was another employer who hired me which I didn’t apply for a job. He was impressed with my so-called “skills” and asked me join his team with good pay.

It was in June ’10 that I received my first payment from Odesk. I established saving my earnings and put it in the bank. Then I started buying things like my bike, my MSI netbook, my Samsung LCD TV, my Samsung DVD Home Cinema System, and my electric fan. I even put my other moneys on a time deposit account. Before I forget, I already settled for being an Associate Graduate in Information Technology last October ’10.

I don’t know if my entry sounds kick-ass to you but I think this could be an inspiration for some who loves to earn online either part time or full time. I am just a 22-year old lady who is learning from other people especially from bloggers (online/offline).

Thanks to Jehzeel Laurente for sponsoring the Christmas giveaway of Batang Yagit. ^__________^

I also thanked God for the blessings I received this year.  I am also praying for more blessings to come on year 2011. :D


  1. Wow your entry truly inspired me! i have to say you were very resourceful :) Goodluck with what ever 2011 is in store for you! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. wow. congrats sa mga naging investments mo from your online earnings. ^^. THanks din po sa pagsali sa contest ko. :D



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