Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Using Workrave With My Online Job

I am so happy with the free software that I've found through searching online.  As some people already know, I am a freelance worker which I am always online especially on Facebook.  Again and again, I am working almost 12 hours a day and what I do is just typing blog posts and articles.  I admit that my hands are hurting and I am afraid of having carpal tunnel syndrome.

Right now, my hands are reddish especially on my knuckles.  Yes, I am in pain while typing and I feel discomfort while doing so.  I am really alarmed and afraid for having hand injury.  I am not sure if I am having inflammation of the tendon or tendinitis.  What's worse is that I have no exercise.

My reddish hand (you can't notice it in my picture, I'm using webcam)
I am just typing anything on Google about this then I read someone's blog who is also suffering tendinitis and the like due to frequent typing for several hours.  While reading, he suggested Workrave that helps him all through out his typing work.  It is a program that helps the recovery and prevention of RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury.  What I love the program is that it alerts or reminds you to take micro-pauses, rest breaks and restricts to your daily limit.  To know more about Workrave just click here and download.

Yes, I am using it right now and while writing this post, there are few minutes it pops up for reminding you for a little break.  Well, I got to use this tomorrow with my work. ^_^

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