Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buying and Selling Online

I really love gadgets but they are all expensive.  For this year, I would like to have a smartphone.  On Facebook, a friend of mine posted her smartphone and asked for the price.  It's more than Php20K and I can't afford it.  I still need to work a lot to be able to reach that kind of amount for a smartphone.  It's a mall price and it is already expected that it's costly.

She said if I want a smartphone for a cheap price, buying online is the alternative way.  She suggested, a buy and sell website or a market place in the Philippines on the web which you can buy and sell everything in your region.

2nd hand mobile phones
Right now, I am still in the process of looking for a smartphone with a better price that I can afford.

Few days ago, I went to LTO for a driver's license and right now I already have my student permit.  I already know how to drive a motorcycle but not yet on a car.  Dad promised me that he will teach me by March.  Anyway, I have a plan to buy a motorcycle and I am already saving.  At, they are also 2nd hand cars for sale and I saw the cheapest price for Php20K.  Should I buy this car instead of a smartphone?  As of now, my first priority is the smartphone.  The car can wait. :)

Why smartphone is my priority? As of now, I am working online and in a day I always face the computer almost 12 hours a day.  I am a freelance blogger, writer, graphic designer and to name a few.  People always see me online on Facebook as if I am just an ordinary person with no work.  I've been a full-time online worker since I quit my job from the corporate world a year ago.  I need a smartphone so that I could check my e-mails on my phone and my computer just pure work.

A lot of people already possess computers or laptops.  Why people buy laptops? Laptops are very essential to people right now especially to a person like me who is a freelance worker.  Every time I am out of the house, I always bring my laptop especially if I go to a mall with free Wi-Fi so that I could continue my job.  I love the purpose of a laptop, its portability.  I even brought my laptop when I had my vacation to an island.  I am glad that I checked in to a place with free Wi-Fi.

Can you share your experience in using as a buyer or seller? I'll be glad to hear it from you.


  1. Looks like a nice place to buy some nice stuffs... I should look for phones at this website... hehe

  2. I was able to visit the site, AyosDito before and now, it has grown to what it is now, a primary buy and sell website here in the Philippines.

  3. I've been visiting AyosDito every now and then. It's really a helpful website for everyone most especially for Filipinos.

  4. Don't buy cars online rox. Just be careful about the scammers. There are plenty of them. Do you think it is possible to sell a car for 20k only? nabuing na.. Depreciated na kau na if tinood na.
    Better buy a smart phone first before buying a car.

  5. Hope I could buy a new cellphone here. Hehe!

  6. This is a Good place for buying and selling some stuffs online.

  7. @CebuCityLife: lage... dapat I need to be careful. Anyway, mag ask man sad kog advice ni papa. Hehehe! Yep, unahon nako pag buy ang smartphone. ^_______^

  8. AyosDito is somewhat "recycled" products that are on sale on Ebay and is not a marketplace. They "repost" products. I haven't had experience buying on AyosDito but I have tried to contact one seller who then explained that AyosDito only reposted her products that are originally on Ebay. I don't find anything wrong about it and it's a good way to filter out products in the Philippines through location and relevance.



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