Monday, January 24, 2011

Way Back 2007 During CIT - University College Intramural

I was shocked to see my Facebook that someone posted some photos on my wall.  I almost forgot when and where the background of the photos came from but I realized this was way back 2007 during the college's intramural which I was part of the cheer dance group of College of Computer Studies.  Dancing is also one of my talents. *ahem!*

James Capao and me before the cheer dance competition.

I and Mark Razonable for a (candid?) pose.
As what I've posted on my Facebook profile yesterday:

I realized how BEAUTIFUL my COLLEGE LIFE was. Thanks to Jerald James Capao Rasco for letting me reminiscing those pictures you've taken last 2007 at CIT - University during the College Intramural. COLLEGE LIFE ROCKS, you're one of the bests... After 3 years and few months, I still FEEL YOUNG! hahaha!

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