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Simple Tips: Getting a Job on

As of this writing, I am already one and a half year member of the oDesk team and still counting. Congratulations to me!

The Reason Why I'm Writing This
A lot of people are referring to me and asked about on how did I get the job, so on and so forth.  There are questions that are easy to be answered by me with my own experience and some, honestly I am pissed off because there questions can be found on the Help Link and not everything will be answered by me.

Having a PayPal Account
It is very important to have one because most of the money transactions online can be made through PayPal.  I use this most of the time and I have no problem with it.  I have also tried shopping online on eBay with my first transaction.  Here is my post about PayPal with my EON UnionBank Account.

Creating an Account on
Because you are looking for a job online, obviously you are the Contractor and you have to sign up as a Freelance Contractor.  Fill up everything what is needed on the form.  It is just the same like you are signing up for a Facebook and Friendster account.  Make it 100% complete.

Create a profile 

Again fill up everything information needed.  It is like a resume so you have to put all your skills and abilities on your profile to impress potential employers.  Please refer to my profile for reference.

Take the Odesk Readiness Test

Are you Odesk ready? If not, take the Odesk Readiness Test.  You have to perfect the test.  If you fail, take a re-test.  Actually, it's not really that difficult because there is a link where you can find the answer(s) of the question.  Just read and read until you can find the correct answer(s). Of course, you have to be patient.

Take more test related to your skills

After the Odesk Readiness Test, you can take other tests such as U.S. English Basic Skills TestEnglish Vocabulary Test (U.S. Version) and among others.  Use the search box, there is a drop down and choose  Tests, and click Go.  There are some employers that require a certain test for applying a job.

Applying for jobs

Apply and apply until you land a job.  Write your application letter and impress your potential clients.  Check your e-mails (every day) for response either it's a rejection or an invitation for interview.  If you receive any rejections, just apply again.  There are lots of jobs posted on oDesk.

Rate per hour

I was working as a data entry operator from a company in IT Park, Lahug, Cebu.  I immediately search for data entry jobs here on oDesk.  I started at $1.00 per hour.  Having hourly jobs is really advantageous and you can work for part-time or full-time.  As my contract ends and receives 5-star feedback, I immediately increment it to $1.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Just a simple advice: Patience is virtue. :)


  1. I know many people who was hired in Odesk. Keep it up guys! Good job.
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  2. I am new and i am confused about applying for the job!!!!i need help

    1. You have to know your expertise so that it won't be hard for you in applying for a job. ^_^



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