Monday, May 02, 2011

World Blogger's Day - A Successful Event

This is the second year celebration of World Blogger's Day but my first time to join the event.  I invited some of my friends for this blogging event to gain more knowledge about blogging.  It's nice to see again bloggers offline and meeting new friends.

The speakers were Mr. Wilson Ng of Ng Khai Development Corp., Mr. Sam Jacoba of Yahoo! Philippines, Mr. Marlon D. Guzman of and Mr. Kevin Ray Chua of and new elected President of Cebu Blogger's Society.

Mr. Wilson Ng playing the keyboard, Bad Romance
Mr. Sam Jacoba (sorry for the blurry pic)

Mr. Marlon D. Guzman
Mr. Kevin Ray Chua
Have you attended the World Blogger's Day?


  1. Good for you Rox you were able to attend the World Blogger's Day.. I'm too busy last Monday, I wasn't able to come that's also the reason why I didn't confirmed for the event.

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  2. Ka sayang. Attend unya sa Cebu Blog Camp karong May 28, 2011.



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