Friday, September 17, 2010

I Want To Have A Vacation Or Just One Day Trip

Since I focused on my online job, I never had the time to enjoy even just a one day trip during my day off. The coolest place would be going to the malls probably SM City Cebu where I could watch the latest movie, going to Cyberzone to check out the laptops or net books for the price, eating to different restaurants and going to the World of Fun to play games.

I am also thinking of going to other places within Cebu. I just want to unwind. Swimming on pools or beaches would be great but I am undecided. Or I want to be adventurous, I am thinking of nature tripping or hiking. How about going to Bohol? I still wonder how much could I spend for the trip.

I am also planning going to south of Cebu riding on a bus. Should I go to Carcar, Simala, Argao, or Oslob? I am still looking for a place to relax. There are lots of historical places somewhere at the south.

How about going back to Lahug where I used to work in IT Park? It's time to reminisce my field trip back on my kindergarten years where we went to Taoist Temple. Being there seems like you are in China. It's not bad for a short travel trip.

I just thought that this month would be a picture-less blog post but I've tried to get some photos from co-bloggers with their credits, of course.

Photo credits: Cebu Image, Ren Calago

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