Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unexpected Trip To Dumanjug

This is a very, very late post that happened on  March 29, 2010. The reason I post it right now because I was afraid to post this by the time I was not officially resigned from my previous job although here is the reason why I quit my job.  Here is also the post last March 27 which is related to what happened on this post entitled Vomited After Work. Why this trip is unexpected? Just continue reading this post and you will know.
When I saw this view, I hurriedly took this picture.

I don't understand this angle but I love it.  I was inside in a moving bus.
I accidentally shot the mangrove trees but I love it.
This is the Dumanjug Church, St. Francis of Assisi Church same as Naga
This is the reason why it was unexpected.  Guess who?
It's my sister.  The reason was personal and she did some "layas" for a while.  All I did was taking pictures.  Anyway, this is located on their plaza.  It is very nice and peaceful.  When I arrived and sat beside her, there I vomited a lot.

After I vomited.

I was waiting for my sister for my noodles.  My stomach was really empty.
I was so weak
Side view of the monument.
My sister arrived with the cup noodles, medicine and Gatorade.  After I ate the noodles, my stomach went sour and vomited again.  I lost all my energy and wished to sleep on the bench.  My vomit was like fresh noodles.  I did not chew the noodles because it was already soft.  I would like to capture it but I changed my mind because I was so weak.  My sister even saw my noodles of vomit.  After how many days I decided and told my mom to quit my job

Doctor's prescription

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