Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Reading Books, Magazines and Blog About Building Wealth and Business Part 1

This year 2011, I started buying books about building wealth and business.  I just realized it now that I am working online which I am truly blessed with my earnings.  Last year I've bought LCD TV, netbook and my other fruits of labor and if I keep on buying expensive things, for sure when I get old I have nothing.

I've been saving money at the bank of my choice and realized to put it on a time deposit so that I am not tempted to shop using all my money.  Honestly, I wasn't really familiar with the word INVESTMENT.  I forgot how I met this word and became so serious with this.  I think it started with my mini-office in my bedroom which I bought things for longer use, an investment for productivity.

I've been a frequent visitor of a blog about Business, Investments and Personal Finance by Fitz Villafuerte that entitled Ready To Be Rich.  I've got more tips about freelancing, productivity and other ideas to earn money.  Last January 2011 I attended a seminar about real estates for Citta di Mare - SRP Cebu.  I met Mr. Jun Garing of Salesman's Centre who trained us for professional selling.  Because of the seminar, I slowly understand the word INVESTMENT.

In January 2011, I bought two books on becoming rich.  I first bought You Can Be Rich by David King in Powerbooks - SM City Cebu and after few days, I bought 8 Secrets of Truly Rich by Bo Sanchez in National Bookstore - Ayala Center, Cebu.

I enjoyed reading the book and keep on reading this again and again for inspiration.
With these books, I started my other investments like venturing into a business of my cousin with an interest rate of at least 10% in a year.  It served as my passive income since I am not one of those people who personally manage their business.

This is the end of the first part. Please check out my second post about this: Reading Books, Magazines and Blog About Building Wealth and Business Part 2

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