Saturday, July 09, 2011

Reading Books, Magazines and Blog About Building Wealth and Business Part 2

This is the second part of the article.  To read the first part, click here: Reading Books, Magazines and Blog About Building Wealth and Business Part 1

Since we have our own Sari-Sari store, I asked my mom what would be the other ways for me to grow my money.  Every three months, I always put some of my money in time deposits but we all know that it has a very low interest.  I need to ride several vehicles to wealth but I have to take it slow until I am familiar with it.  Then my mom introduced me to finance the three loading wallets for Sun, Globe and Smart as my investment.  After few months, I am now earning.

This year, I also started a photo blog and eventually turned it into a business.  I created my own logo for Fotografi Rox and it's a great saving since I have skill in using Adobe Photoshop.  I also purchased my own domain name for Fotografi Rox and came up of a digital photo printing business.  You can check out other products and services we offer.  My investment for this is below ten thousand pesos.  You can check out the setup of my temporary business space at home: click here.

This June 2011, I bought a book entitled 12 Steps to Build Wealth On Any Income by Mr. Alvin T. TabaƱag.  The book is easy to read since he is using Filipino and English on his writings.  By the way, he is a Cebuano.  I bought it in Powerbooks - SM City Cebu.  This was the last stock on the shelf which was opened.  The front and back cover have several folds because of the way people opened the book but anyway, it's worth a read.

The same month, I attended a seminar about entrepreneurship from that was held in Radisson Blu Hotel for the First Entrepreneurworking Night in Cebu (click the link to know about it).  I bought their June issue magazine which really suits me since I started my own business at home.

Then I won this bookazine that night.
I am still in the beginning of my journey to wealth and I know there are lots of things to learn about it.  I hope I can give you an inspiration for those aspiring investors and entrepreneurs.  For those financial experts who have read this blog post, I hope you could give some comments and tips.  That would be helpful! ^_^

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