Saturday, June 18, 2011

The First Entrepreneur Networking Night in Cebu

It's 12:24 AM on June 18, 2011 as of this posting but I just want to share to you what happened to me on June 17, 2011 which was few hours earlier as of this writing.

I woke up in the morning at 9 and immediately opened my desktop computer to check my e-mail and Facebook account.  I saw a photo posted by Island Souvenirs with a status that I should need to quote, "Are you a budding businessman? Learn the ropes of starting a business during Entrepreneur Magazine's first Cebu Networking Night. The Islands Group CEO Mr.Jay Aldeguer will be giving a short talk. See you there!"

Photo posted on Island Souvenirs Wall

Then I found Entrepreneur's website and liked them on Facebook.  All you have to do is to bring your copy of the Entrepreneur June 2011 issue.  Since I didn't have my own issue I have to purchase it directly where the event was held.

I immediately took a bath at 10AM to keep myself ready on the afternoon.  I even worked less on my online job in able for me to join the event at the exact time.  Things got busy on the afternoon when someone arrived with five sacks of scrap papers.  Yes, I am into buying scrap papers right now.  My mother and I had to weigh all the papers and we only have a small weighing scale.  5PM came still we were not finish cleaning the mess.  Traveling from Naga to SM City Cebu takes 1 hour or more.  During quarter to 6PM, that was the time I was able to change some clothes and hurriedly catch up some ride.

From Naga to Pardo, I took a mini-bus ride and from Pardo to Radisson Blu Hotel, I took a taxi ride.  Every time there's an event like this I always go for the taxi.  Well, it is because I am late.  I arrived at the hotel exactly at 7PM and the event haven't started yet.  I was really hungry because I never had my snack earlier and I was thankful that the chef offered very delicious foods.

It was my first time in Radisson Blu Hotel and I could say the hotel is very amazing.  It is also big and I even got lost where the event was located.  I was really thankful that the staff was very helpful.  I arrived at the area and bought the magazine worth PhP125.00.

Entrepreneur Magazine
I enjoyed listening to the four entrepreneurs namely Rey Calooy - CEO of RNC Marketing, Joseph Gandionco - CEO of Julie's Bakeshop, Jay Aldeguer - Owner of Island Souvenirs, and Manny Osmeña - Owner of Manny O. Wines.  Their stories are very inspiring especially for the people who are just starting their businesses like me.  By the way, for the people who have no idea about me, I am a freelance worker at home and I am also doing business on the side at home.  In short, I am starting a home-based business.

The four speakers at the stage

We had a game which is Entrepreneur ENTREP BINGO (will post the picture later).  I have to complete the signature in the boxes.  Actually I already completed it but the game was already closed because the first 10 people already submitted their ENTREP BINGO.

Entrep Bingo
Anyway no need to worry because there was a raffle for us a chance to win the bookazine.  Fortunately, I won.  I am really interested with the bookazine, will read it later.

The Bookazine
With Mr. Manny Osmeña - Owner of Manny O Wines
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