Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What's Up for me Today?

I haven't blog and posted new pictures few days ago and also today.  What I'll be writing today is about my rants on what happened to me, as usual.  I don't have the time of luxury to get my camera and post some pictures because of me being a busy bee.  I got a new job in oDesk and it is another full-time job.

Last Monday, I was with my boyfriend.  We went to Mandaue to withdraw his cash over the counter because his ATM card was eaten by the machine.  After that we went to SM City Cebu and ate our lunch.  We went to Powerbooks and I bought a book about investments.  I love buying and reading books about building wealth.  I will try to take snapshot of the book soon.

Yesterday, it was raining and my internet connection got lost (on and off).  I really hate it because my work got affected.  I really need a personal assistant maybe in the future.

I think that's it for today.  There are lots of things to do.  Good day! ^_^


  1. Hi Roxanne. I like your blog. I'm Nonoy. I blog about Cebu and Davao. Hope we can be blogmates. :-)

    And oh, Congratulations on your job at Odesk. Kudos! :-)

  2. Hi Nonoy!

    Yeah sure we can be blogmates. ^_^



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