Monday, June 27, 2011

Munching Jolly Crispy Fries New Flavors: Four Cheese and Sour Cream

After climbing a tree on Sunday afternoon, we had a business meeting kuno with my friends (Tata and Nin) so we decided to meet in Jollibee - Bulacao at 7PM because I personally delivered to Tata the customized notepad she had ordered a week ago already.

After how many minutes of unstoppable talk I realized that I haven't took my dinner yet.  I interrupted because I need to eat and we decided to try out these new flavors of Jolly Crispy Fries.  I didn't bring my camera and good thing that Tata brought her fabulous Samsung smartphone.  She told us that her Samsung phone is not yet released here in the Philippines.

The Four Cheese flavor is so cheesy and it's yummy.  The Sour Cream flavor tastes like pizza and it's also delicious.  We enjoyed eating this while talking different naughty stuffs.  Hahaha!

This is Nin.

Oh my goodness! I'm getting huge, see my arm? :(

Messy tray

Oh, there's no picture of Tata but you can check the video here.  It's from Facebook and I don't know if it's a public view.  It's funny to see Nin what she did with the hot sauce.   Hahaha! I keep on laughing while watching the video again and again.  Indeed, we have a good time together!

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